All payments are due upon delivery of the inflatable or rental items. Cash, check or credit cards accepted.
Weather Policy
If it is raining the morning of the scheduled delivery we will not start deliveries until the rain has stopped. Safety is always first when it comes to children. Rain can be a hazard due to slipping and electrical shock near the blower; high winds can be potentially hazardous due to the inflatable blowing over with children in or on it. As inclement weather is beyond our control, we recommend you have an alternate indoor location for your party. If not, you must call and cancel your rental before we deliver it to you. If you do receive your rental and severe weather (rain, high winds, lightning) occurs, there are no refunds once we have set up and left your event. Once the rental is delivered, you are responsible for the full amount of the rental. We reserve the right to cancel your reservation if severe weather conditions exist or are predicted during the time of your rental.
Delivery Charges
Prices shown on the website do not include delivery charges.  Please call to inquire about delivery charges.
Safety and How To Avoid Damaging The Inflatable
Again, safety is always first when it comes to children. All units must be supervised by an adult. Inflatables require a minimum of one supervisor per unit. No somersaults, rough housing or flips allowed. No hanging from, rocking, or sitting on edges of inflatables because injuries can occur. No sharp objects in or on the units. Silly string and fireworks are strictly prohibited near the units. No smoking, liquid, candy, gum, or food is allowed in/on the inflatables. Please do not put any liquids on any of our inflatables (except water on water slides). All children must take their shoes off before entering or climbing onto the inflatable. We have the right impose a $50.00 cleaning fee if the unit at pick up time is excessively dirty or liquids were used on the unit.
Depending on the inflatable, please provide a 20 x 20 foot area at a minimum for us to put your inflatable upon. This area must be clear of sticks, animal waste, rocks, fences, sprinklers, inclines and any other obstructions. If you plan to have us set up on concrete or asphalt then we need to be informed because tarps will need to be laid down to protect the base of the inflatable. The bounce site needs to be relatively level. A standard 110-volt outlet within 100 feet is required for operation. If you are planning to set up at a city park then you must call that park in advance to let them know you are having an inflatable there. Most parks require a one day permit pass to have an inflatable set up and can take up to ten days to process. Also, check to see if they offer a standard 110-volt outlet to plug in your inflatable.